Why Buy Your Screen Printing Machine Within the US

Current and future global events have posed a risk to purchasing screen printing machines worldwide due to a microchip shortage. We are now going through a worrying time when the global market is unpredictable. And since 2020, it has become clear how important it is to produce and buy within the US, not globally. 

Our dependence on other countries has led to a shortage of products. And even as the demand is still on hand, but parts or services are not available, your business will hurt. Regardless of the circumstances of the other countries, we can’t rely on them to supply our needs. Thus, buying within the US is essential to keep your business afloat. This will guarantee you continue to provide for your customers’ demands. 

How China and Russia Affect Our Supply

China is being aggressive in its disguised threats of taking over Taiwan. Meanwhile, they are already invading its surrounding territory. And since China has anti-American propaganda on its citizens, it doesn’t look like a good future for trade. Besides, the United States has already imposed tariffs on China. 

Russia has made Europe a possible battleground, with threats of expanding its territory and a nuclear war. Meanwhile, COVID is not going anywhere with its constant mutations. This has caused a disruption of the supply chain, which makes purchasing globally expensive with shipping costs. 

And as a result, you may not be able to support products in the future for parts and/or technician support. Buying machines in the US ensures you get a machine you can rely on, with replacement parts.

How This Affects the Chip Shortage in Screen Printing Machines

At the moment, there is a chip shortage. The capital for chips is Taiwan, which is one of the reasons why the US is willing to fight China if it invades. The last two presidents expressed this fact. Yet, factories in the United States still invest in chips. Another consideration is purchasing a printer that does not need a chip. 

How Systematic Automation Can Help

The great thing about the Systematic Automation Model F1 is that it does not need a chip to operate. The machine is simple in design and completely pneumatic. It’s simple to operate, and gives you more control over maintenance than electrically powered machines. 

Pneumatic machines also do not have components that can burn out or become obsolete. Most F1 printers bought in the 1980s are still in production and are printing like new to this day.

If you are looking to buy a screen printing machine here in the US, take a look at our equipment. We support all our machines, including replacement and additional parts. Contact us today for a custom quote.

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