The beginning printer will want to learn as much as possible about screen printing techniques. The following books (in no particular order) are a place to start. And don't forget to check your local library for general background books on screen printing techniques.


Screen Printer's Tip Book
Jeff Russ, ST Publications, 1996

How To Print T-Shirts For Fun & Profit
"Bible" of the garment industry

Designer's Handbook Of T-Shirt Promotions
A collection compiled from Print Magazine

The Complete Book of Silk Screen Production
Jacob I. Biegeleisen, Dover Publications, 1963

The Complete Guide to Screen Printing
Brad Faine, 1993

Imagery on Fabric: A Complete Surface Design Handbook
Jean Ray Laury, 1997

Screen Printing: A Contemporary Primer
Brad Hoff, 1997

Silk Screen Techniques
Jacob Israel Biegeleisen, 1975

Silk-Screen Printing for Artist and Craftsman
Mathilda V. Schwalbach, James A. Schwalbach, Dover Publications 1983

Control Without Confusion: Troubleshooting Screen-Printed Process Color
Joe Clarke, ST Publications, 1986

Polychoromatic Screen Printing
Joy Stocksdale, Oregon Street Press, 1984

Screen Printing: Cometemparary Methods and Materials
Frances and Lassiter, Noram Lassiter, 1982

Screen Printing Primer
Samuel Ingram, GATF Press, 1999

Screen Printing Techniques
Albert Kosloff, ST Publications, 1986

The Beginner's Book of Screen Process Printing
Will Clemence

Best of Screen Printing Design
(A Design Sourcebook)

Lisa Walker, Steve Blount, Rockport Press, 1989

Design and Print Your Own Posters

Screen Printing
Pira Staff, Pira Publishing, 1998

Haggalo Used Mismo: Illustraciones Sobre Materials y Equipo Para Serigrafia
ST Publications, 1995

How To Print On Cylindrical and Contoured Surfaces
Thomos Gilson, ST Publications, 1970

Screen Process Printing: A Practical Guide
John Stephens, Chapman & Hall, 1970

Encyclopedia of Garment Printing
Scott Fresener

Introducing Screen Printing
Anthony Kinsey

Photographic Screen Printing
Albert Kosloff, ST Publications 1987

Practical Guide to Screen Printing
Merrill Green

Practical Screen Printing
Stephen Russ

Screen Printing: Design and Technique
Nicholas Bristow

Screen Printing Techniques
Silvie Turner, Taplinger Publicatons, 1982

Screen Printing
Heinrich Birkner, GATF Press, 1987

Screen Process Printing
Robert Banzhaf, Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, 1983

Ceramic Screen Printing
Alber Kosloff, ST Publications

Pricing For Profits

Troubleshooting The Printed Image

The Step-By-Step Guide to Screen Process Printing
Robert M. Swerdlow, Prentic-Hall, 1986

The Thames and Hudson Manual of Screen Printing
Tim Mara, THames & Hudson, 1986

UV Curing in Screen Printing for Printed Circuits and the Graphic Arts
Steven G. Wentink, Technology Marketing Corporation

Screen Printers' Dictionary: Over 4000 Screen Printing Terms
E. Messerchmitt

Screen Printing Production Management
Richard C. Webb, ST Publlications, 1989

Scree Print Graphic Communication Ser.
Samuel Hoff, Delmar Publishers