Wine Glass Screen Printing

The Model F1-DC Is Recommended For Printing Your Wine Glasses

The Model F1-DC will simply and easily print your wine glasses . The modular wine glass printing attachment precisely synchronizes the screen speed with the average outside diameter of the curved glass surface. Your wine glass may require a curved squeegee to conform to the shape of your wine glass. Systematic Automation will work with you to ensure that your process is seamless and productive.

Your brand will forever be embedded in your printed glassware. Wine glasses are kept and not thrown away. Your customer will know the brand, friend’s they’re consuming wine with will know the brand and they will have reminder of your brand every time they look into the cupboard.

For instantaneous UV curing of inks, please click here to check out our UVSP.

For improving ink adhesion you may require Pyrosil or flame. If so, please check out our Model FL.

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