Vehicle Decals

Decal films, which are often designed for a specific imaging method (e.g., screen printing, electrostatic imaging, inkjet printing), are usually made of cast or calendered vinyl. The film you use depends on the durability and useful life you expect from the installed graphic. Decal films are generally offered in black, white, and a variety of colors. Another option for vehicle graphics are perforated films that can be installed directly over vehicle windows, supporting a graphic on the outside while providing a relatively clear view from within the vehicle.

To adhere to the vehicle surface, the decal films incorporate a pressure-sensitive adhesive. Depending on the requirements of the job, you can choose from films with various adhesive systems such as permanent, removable, or prepositionable. A paper liner, which is removed during instillation, protects the adhesive from contaminants and abrasion.

Imaged decals may also include a topcoat or over-laminate film to provide extra durability and print protection. Additionally, prior to application, the decal is generally covered by a low track pre-masking material that can be easily removed after the decal is installed. The installation process involves smoothing the decal with a variety of tools, and the premask prevents damage to the imaged film by providing a slick surface for the tools to glide over.