Systematic Automation has been the #1 OEM supplier of vacuum tables for inkjet flatbed printers worldwide.

Inkjet printing requires extreme flatness for optimum print quality. Through proprietary methods, SA super precision vacuum tables provide extreme flatness of less +/-.001″ per square foot with a lightweight design. We can assist you in your inkjet machine design to manage thermal expansion/contraction of materials and maintain parallelism of to the vacuum table top. Internal vacuum zones and partitions are installed to suit. Thickness and sizes to suit. Unlimited sizes available. On time delivery. Please visit our vacuum tables page for more information.

Systematic Auomation offers a CE approved industrial continuous duty brushless vacuum motor. The vacuum pump has the power to pull water vertically up any diameter tube to the height of 45 inches. The pump is also the quietest in the industry at 68/63 dB maximum.