Systematic Automation manufactures vacuum tables for thin materials with precision flatness (+/-.001″ per linear foot). Two types of vacuum pumps are offered depending on your machining operation. Both pump types are available with separate coolant separators. High flow (rotary vane) vacuum pumps in conjunction with the vacuum table allow some vacuum leakage without losing significant vacuum force. Rotary vane pumps pull less vacuum force than diaphragm type vacuum pumps which are high vacuum force but low vacuum flow pumps. Even a small leak will greatly reduce vacuum holding power when using a diaphragm pump. However, the holding power of the vacuum table when using the diaphragm pump is maximized providing there is a proper seal between the vacuum table and the workpiece.

Sacrificial sub plates with corresponding vacuum holes are available if you are machining through your workpiece. We can also resurface your vacuum table. Our engineering department will assist you in selecting the optimum size vacuum table and pump type and size. Our vacuum tables are available with vacuum port connections from any side of the table or at any location from the bottom of the table.