Systematic Automation Inc. manufactures precision (+/-.001″ flatness per linear foot) vacuum tables for plotting & cutting systems. The precision vacuum table is used to hold down the material during the automated cutting process to keep the material in place, ensuring your desired cut out. SA vacuum tables can be outfitted with a sacrificial top skin for quick and easy replacement. Vacuum tables are custom to your cutting / plotting system.

Plotting & cutting systems are typically used with fabrics. Included with the system are heavy duty vacuum pumps with HP to your specification for maximum hold down during the cutting process. Vacuum pumps can be populated for separate zones.

The plotter & cutting systems typically use a 28mm diameter rotary blade for easy cutting of fabric (without pushing directly down). This will result in the blade have little contact with the vacuum table for maximum longevity on the sacrificial layer. Carbide straight blades are used for cutting tougher material such as carbon fiber. The majority of plotter & cutting systems for the canvas and sail making industries only require a blade. A sacrificial layer can be used for the top surface and can be HDPE, Porex, PVC or Polyproplyene (more options are available upon request). The layer is drilled with holes parallel to the vacuum table so that you do not lose any suction.

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