Clean room processes that produce particles can now be remedied with the Systematic Automation air purification enclosure option. The pump will vacuum the particles through the vacuum table to the air purification enclosure, which will filter out particles before they would otherwise build up on the turbines of the vacuum pump. The result is pure air being exhausted from the vacuum pump instead of accumulating on your turbines and exhausting harmful particulates into the air.

Systematic Automation air purification enclosures include an optional number of ports based on your size table.The placing of the ports are spread out to even out the distribution of air. Once air is filtered through the enclosure, it goes out the exhaust port that is connected to the vacuum pump. Your vacuum pump will have nearly all particles filtered out before the air flows through the turbines and exhaust.

Vacuum tables can be made to your size and specification. Bases can be manufactured and used as a work bench for the user when performing processes that release harmful debris.

A stainless steel top for the vacuum table is a common option for medical & laboratory settings.