Vacuum tables can be used for rug cleaning. Whether you want to attach the vacuum table to an automatic cleaning system or place it on the floor for water extraction without a pit, we have you covered. You will minimize your labor from cleaning puddles of water and minimize your risk of an operator slipping. The water use will also be greatly reduced (compared with pit washing). Simply spray the rug with your cleaning system and watch as the vacuum table suctions the water from the top of the rug. This method of rug cleaning is the industry standard for high end rugs.

The extraction of the water is done through our water separator. Vacuum table sizes are custom to your preference, no size is too large. Our modular design allows you to interlock multiple vacuum tables to share vacuum for larger jobs.

Engineering Features:

  • Separate zones and hole patterns for rug fringes
  • Modular design to allow interlocking vacuum tables
  • Casters with locking capability for easy system movement
  • Anodized surface for corrosion resistance
  • Near perfect table flatness (within +/-.001″ per square foot)
  • Casters for easy movement
  • Automatic water extraction with the water separator