Systematic Automation has been supplying vacuum tables for the vacuum forming & thermoforming industry for over 30 years. When it comes to precision flatness, there is no alternative. SA vacuum tables provide you with +/-.001″ flatness. Vacuum tables are manufactured to your specification – size, hole pattern and much more! Your molds for components have never been so precise.

Our vacuum tables will allow you to create industry standard quality thermoformed products. Thermoforming allows you to make prototypes simply and easily. There are two means of thermoforming, which are vacuum forming and pressure forming. Vacuum forming requires a plastic sheet to be heated until pliable, afterwards it will be pressed against a 3D mold.

This is done through vacuuming the air between the sheet and 3D mold. Pressure forming is similar except at the end of the process, air applied above the plastic sheet. The main difference between the two processes is that vacuum forming will provide sharper details and allows for molded texture. Pressure forming allows you to create complex shapes with tight tolerances.

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