World’s First Uniform Heating Vacuum Table

Systematic Automation has developed the first vacuum table system to uniformly distribute heat at an adjustable temperature, with uniformity of vacuum. Temperatures up to 400 degrees F are attainable. Temperature is adjustable via external analog control system. Vacuum suction is also adjustable via inline adjustable vacuum gate. Sizes are custom to your specification. Options such as bases, modular clamping systems, vacuum pumps and much more are available.

The SA heated vacuum table makes use of high temperature epoxy during construction. You will still receive uniform air flow via the aluminum honeycomb core. The heating elements are located between the rows of holes to not inhibit air flow, no function is compromised from design. You can now heat and vacuum all in one simple process. This is crucial for applications such as debulking and curing composite parts.

A heated vacuum table may also be used to make repeatable thin films of lacquer or other liquids. The unparalleled flatness and construction of the heated vacuum table will give you the very best solution for your panels, foils and other flat surfaces.The even heat distribution and simple temperature control system allows you more freedom and ease of use than ever before.

Typical Applications

  • Preparation of catalyst coated membranes (CCM) for the battery or fuel cell membrane electrode assembly (MEA)
  • Direct deposition of catalysts upon the membrane
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Industrial De-wrinkling
  • Quick drying of painted catalyst ink layers for membranes
  • Fuel Cells
  • Vacuum Curing & Debulking
  • Mending Tears
  • Thin Film Applicator
  • Prototype Development
  • Bonding or Infusion of Lining Fabrics

Heated vacuum tables can be built to your size specification.