• SA super precision vacuum tables provide a flatness of +/-.001″ (.025mm) per linear foot, making it the flattest vacuum table available.
  • Features a honeycomb core for optimum airflow and an anodized surface plate (color black optional)
    all in a lightweight package.
  • Vacuum table design to manage thermal expansion/contraction of materials and maintain parallelism of the vacuum table top.
  • Internal vacuum zones and partitions can be installed to suit your system.
  • Automatic registration popup pins and optical viewing ports are just a couple of the options available to you.
  • Thickness and size of the vacuum table is custom to your specification (no size is too large).

The most important component of a flatbed inkjet printer is the printing surface. Image quality is determined by the flatness of this surface. Variations in the flatness will cause image distortion due to the distance differences between the printing surface and the print head. Systematic Automation’s vacuum tables have been recognized as the best compliment to any flatbed inkjet printer worldwide with industry leading +/-.001″ (.025mm). You will be amazed by the difference a vacuum table can make on your printed image.

Vacuum tables are custom made to your specification in dimensions. Partitions and a variety of other options may be used on your vacuum table. Our team will work with you on defining where the options will go on the vacuum table. All that we would require is a drawing of your desired vacuum table and just let us do the rest. You may store your vacuum tables at our facility and receive them at your leisure. Vacuum tables are tailored for your specific inkjet printer. Our team of application engineers will assist you obtaining the best vacuum table for your inkjet process.

If you are looking for the very best in vacuum table design and flatness for optimal printed image than look no further. We provide some of the worlds largest inkjet manufactures with vacuum tables all over the world.