Vacuum Tables

40 Years of Setting the Industry Standard

+/- .001” Flatness

Each Table Made to Your Specification

We set the industry standard for flatness, customization, quality, and price

Systematic Automation is an expert manufacturer of vacuum tables, leading the industry with proprietary technology and setting the standard for superior, precision vacuum tables. Our knowledge and resources allow us to provide the best value to you with a high-precision vacuum table at the lowest possible cost. Our highly skilled staff and expert engineers provide world-class automated solutions with standard or customized vacuum table systems.

Industry Leading Flatness

Systematic Automation, Inc. provides proven vacuum table solutions with proprietary and patented technology. All vacuum tables are inspected before shipment to ensure it reaches our precision flatness standard of +/-.001″ per linear foot. Contact us today for proven solutions from the world’s largest manufacturer of vacuum tables.

Systematic Automation employs a highly skilled staff with in-depth knowledge of how to customize a vacuum table system for your specialized process. We provide continual support and professional customer service for all vacuum table solutions. Vacuum tables are manufactured custom to your specification.

Diverse Industry Knowledge

We have a full line of precision vacuum tables used in a wide array of industrial applications worldwide. Vacuum tables are used in screen printing processes to securely hold the substrate in place while performing printing or curing processes. This ensures a consistent printing process with complete coverage, dramatically improving product quality.

Vacuum tables are also used in highly specialized commercial applications such as CNC machining, ultrasonic cutting, and UV curing for OEMs worldwide in various industries such as automotive and aerospace. The use of vacuum tables in these applications helps to maintain part integrity and meet or exceed customer specifications.


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