SA Ultra Light UV Curing SystemThe SA UV Conveyor has been engineered for UV curing adhesives. Conveyors are typically meant for industrial production. There are a variety of different adhesives available that are optimal for different industries. UV curing adhesives will cure almost instantly with the SA UV Conveyor. Industrial adhesive bonders allow high strength UV adhesives that are also environmentally-resistant.

Using the SA UV conveyor for your UV curing adhesives will pay for itself. Curing is almost instant, which will drastically reduce your labor. Inspection of finished parts is simple and can be automatically performed by a vision system. Parts that aren’t up to standard can automatically be taken with a pick and place out of the finished projects. You don’t need racks or ovens. Overall, your lead time should be cut into a fraction, which will reduce your labor and allow you to be ready for more orders to fill the time that would have been taken with a traditional oven and racking system.


Coatings made up of UV curing adhesive typically cover the surface area of product to safeguard against environmental harm. Dome coatings also fall under the umbrella of coatings and provide an aesthetic pleasing look to your product. One example of a product that would require a UV curing adhesive coating for protection against the environment (moisture, dust, etc…) are dircuit boards. UV curing adhesive dome coatings will prevent airborne material from entering. Typically, UV curing dome adhesives are used for pens, key chains, badges and more.

Larger UV Curing Adhesive Applications – Conveyor Customization

Batteries, for example, typically require a UV curing adhesive. Batteries can range in weight and can be up to 100 lbs or more. The UV curing conveyor can accommodate weights up to 200 lbs. The height of the irradiator is adjustable via wheel crank for your UV curing adhesive. All SA UV conveyors are manufactured in Farmington, CT. We can manufacture the UV conveyor custom for your application, whether that means a longer belt, dual UV system or other automated functions. If your product is heat sensitive, we can install a quartz plate below the irradiator to minimize the head from the UV light.

Different UV Curing Adhesives will require different NM wavelengths from the UV system. We offer mercury, Iron-additive and LED irradiators with our conveyors.

Industries Served:

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Optical
  • Packaging
  • Industrial
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