Shoe Sole Inserts

The Model RC-1 Screen Printer is utilized by manufacturers of shoes and replacement inner soles for high speed production. Whether you are printing cut lines on “one size fits all” replacement inner soles or printing your company name and product information for new shoes, the Model RC-1 is the right machine.The Model RC-1 includes a four station rotary indexer with excellent registration. The operator loads the inner soles, often in pairs of left and right foot, onto the printer dial. The parts move from the load station to the print station and then to the unload station where they are automatically removed. Tooling is available to accommodate all inner sole sizes. This highly automated printer allows for print speeds up to 2,000 inner soles per hour.

Systematic Automation also manufactures drying conveyors to be placed next to the Model RC-1 Screen Printer for a complete printing line.

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