Screen Printing Stackers

Throughout the years, Systematic Automation has offered a wide variety of standard and customized screen printing stacker accessories, all aimed at improving printing organization and efficiency. Our latest standard line of screen printing stackers incorporates features most requested by our customers:

  • These stackers are designed to stack printed products from the bottom up, allowing for uninterrupted loading.
  • With a focus on versatility, we have integrated design features that allow operators to easily change over to accommodate different sized parts with minimal downtime.
  • Our stackers come equipped with a resettable counter and an alarm system that alerts the operator when the magazine is full.

Our innovative engineers have designed these screen printing stackers to meet a variety of needs, from stacking heavy parts such as steel plates to delicate microscope slides. And during high volume printing operations, a reliable and efficient screen printing stacker will improve productivity and profitability by allowing operators to perform other important tasks.

At Systematic Automation, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality screen printing equipment and accessories at a competitive price. Our stacker machines are an essential part of an automated screen printing process and an investment that will enhance your operations.

Screen Printing Stacker
Systematic Automation Microscope Slide Stacker

Models Available:

Microscope Slide Stacking Device

Model STK Stacking Device
Minimum Substrate: 1″x1.5″(5x38mm)
Maximum Substrate: 7″x6″(178x152mm)

Model AM Stacking Device
Minimum Substrate: 1.5"x1.5" (38x38mm)
Maximum Substrate: 18"x18" (457x457mm)

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