Screen Printing Machine For Your Growlers

Screen Printing Your Growlers

The brewery industry has taken off and Systematic Automation has been inundated with orders. The Model F1-DC is the industry standard screen printing machine for printing your growlers and other brewery products for its modular design and quick changeover. This screen printing machine is designed and manufactured in the United States. The completely pneumatic design of the Model F1-DC screen printing machine will ensure you will not have to replace the machine due to an electrical component becoming obsolete. The first Model F1-DC was manufactured in 1985 and is still running on the production floor like new to this day.

This screen printing machine will print on your growlers, whether they are glass, stainless steel or ceramic. Screen printing on your growler gives the customer a design that is there to stay. As the micro-brewery industry grows, so will the demand for growlers. Growlers were used as a means for transportation of delivering beer from a pub to factory workers or a home, often by children. As you can guess, the alcohol was not carefully transported and C02 would escape through the lid, which gave off a growling sound, hence the name Growler.

Whether you are a brewpub or a brewery, the Model F1-DC screen printing machine will be a invaluable tool for getting the name of your company and type of beer in the customer’s eyes. Once they are finished drinking the growler, they know where to go for the refill.

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