Revolutionary UV Curing & Pretreatment Machine – The Bottle Treater

What Sets This Machine Apart?

The Bottle Treater is the latest invention from Systematic Automation that is revolutionary to the cylindrical product decorating market. The system is sold as a stand alone unit with either flame (from natural gas or Propane), Pyrosil and UV curing. If you decide to choose Pyrosil, it will come with the ability to output flame (from natural gas or propane). You may also choose the Systematic Automation Ultra Light System or a 3rd party UV system that we can integrate. Hybrid systems are also available that feature pretreatment and UV curing all in the same unit.

The low cost of the system is accompanied with energy and consumable savings. The Bottle Treater only requires a 2″ (51mm) UV & pretreatment element. This is possible because the product is ascending and descending while spiraling for full 360 degree coverage.The rotation is also controlled for curing even more quickly. For instance, you can set the Bottle Treater to spin the product 180 degrees while parallel to the element. This will make for an even faster throughout. The approximate throughput of the Bottle Treater is approximately 2 second per product.

The Bottle Treater can pretreat and UV cure any size diameter product.

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