UV Curing Furniture

Furniture typically has UV coating to ensure its’ finish. Some coatings are used to smooth out any open area for uniform coverage and others can be used to give it a wood grain and/or gloss finishfor aesthetics. There are even UV coatings that can be customized to your needs. UV coatings either contain a lower VOC count than solvent based inks or can be completely free of VOCs. Today UV coatings are much more resilient to hard contact that may chip away a coating, Primers can improve the chemical resistance and hardness of the coating. There are several different types of UV coatings that can be applied, and they are primers, stains, sealers, topcoats and more.
UV conveyor

UV Conveyor

UV Curing Systems for Furniture

Furniture components that are finished with the coating can be put onto our Ultra Light UV curing system to be cured in a few seconds for a finished product. Furniture such as tables or wood flooring are common applications. Systematic Automation manufactures UV conveyors in the headquarters of Farmington, CT. Since we manufacture on site, we can build the conveyor to order for your particular product. For instance, we can extend both sides of the conveyor for a longer entry and exit point of the furniture based on your length. If you are curing a piece of furniture with a foot of height, we can raise the shroud for your conveyor. If your parts are mixed, we can even supply a wheel crank to adjust the height of the UV irradiator based on the furniture you put through.