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What You Need To Know When Screen Printing Glass


Screen printing on glass is broad due it coming as a panel or cylindrical. We will be discussing what to know when printing on both flat and cylindrical glass as they have the same surface. Both are easy enough to print on. If your product is flat you may want to consider have a formica bottom to help ensure that your glass does not get scratched. The ideal solution for this is a vacuum table to not only hold down the glass for reasons we will go over soon but it can retrofitted with a formica top and pop-up pins for you to only grab the sides of the glass. Tooling for your cylindrical will be unique to your application, SA offers two types of tooling that be reviewed on the most popular printer for cylindrical products, the Model F1-DC.

Products made of glass are typically not intended to be thrown out. They are meant to hold onto and that means being exposed to washing and continuous use. One of the most important decisions to make for your glassware is deciding what kind of ink you will use. It is an easy decision to make but something that is often overlooked. Using UV curing to achieve quick cures should be avoided unless there is flame treatment or Pyrosil treatment. Pyrosil is ideal as it last longer and is more effective than standard flame. If your orders can wait a few days, you can get air dry enamel inks. The time for curing can be greatly hastened by a forced hot air blower or IR dryer conveyor. Contact us today for assistance with your application.

Glass Screen Printing Solution

Model F1-DC for Versatility and Quick Changeover

Systematic Automation provides glass printing machine solutions with semi-automatic or fully automatic options in single or multi-color printing. Our Model F1-DC screen printing machine is designed to print on either flat or cylindrical items, with the Model F1-DC dedicated to cylindrical printing only. This printer is recognized as one of the most versatile screen printers ever made, with the ability to quick change from one product to another in only seconds.

We design all screen printing machines with high-quality components for reliability and simple user operation. Enjoy high-quality screen printing with professional results from operators with little to no experience required. This clamshell printer features 100% pneumatic operation which means there are no electrical components to become obsolete or burn out. Easily screen print on various drinkware and glassware items such as:

  • Glass tubes
  • Wine bottles
  • Labware glasses
  • Growlers
  • Brewery glasses
  • Pint glasses
  • Tumblers
  • Thermoses
  • Cosmetic bottles
  • Many additional glass products

Model Super ROI for Automated Multi-Color Glass Printing

The Model Super ROI is a multicolor, fully automated screen printing machine with a modular design to accommodate a wide variety of products. This in-line screen printer for cylindrical products can print in either one or six colors with Allen-Bradley servo technology. The Super ROI features linear transport with minimal lifting of products with precision linear motion bearings rated for more than 300 million cycles. Stainless steel printer shafts provide long-lasting, continual production with corrosion resistance.

Incorporate pretreatment options with the Model FL flame treatment system. This provides turnkey glass printing operation by quickly pretreating glass products to improve ink adhesion. Post treatment options are available with a UV curing system to quickly dry and seal long lasting ink colors. Solvent inks are also commonly used with heat tunnel drying systems when printing on glass. This provides a friction resistant printing process which is durable and holds up in commercial dishwashing applications.

Systematic Automation Is a World Leading Screen Printing Supplier

Systematic Automation is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of high quality screen printing machines, custom designed modular options and total turnkey automated solutions. All equipment is manufactured in our state-of-the-art United States-based facility where we use only high-quality components with experienced design and engineering.

All machinery and equipment is tested for optimum performance prior to shipping. We provide customer service and new equipment training to ensure your total success. Getting exactly what you need, with room for versatility and without paying more than you need to with our screen printing machines and modular components.

Systematic Automation offers decades of experience to deliver first to market, patented screen printing solutions. All equipment is manufactured with quality components in our US based facility and can be found in a multitude of applications worldwide. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your screen printing process with high quality, low cost and simple screen printing operation.