Starting Your Screen Printing Business

Where To Start With Your Screen Printing Business

When starting your screen printing business, the most important thing to keep in mind is the equipment you will need for your particular process. Your screen printing business does not need much to get started. The most important part of starting your screen printing business is finding out what you want to print. The material of your product will dictate what ink is required for the printing process. You want your ink to have the adhesion required for the image to stay on the product. This may involve pretreatment or the use of solvent based ink.

Once you have the ink chosen for your screen printing business, you will need the machine to fit your production requirements. Another aspect to keep in mind in starting your screen printing business is the ease of use for your screen printing machine. Depending on the ink you use, things could get messy during clean up. A detachable squeegee holder, screen lift and rear frame screen holder will make cleaning a breeze. You want to spend as little time tending to the screen printing machine as possible to have a profitable screen printing business. This also means serviceability.

Screen printing is a time tested process for image sublimation. Most screen printing machines (semi-automatic and up) will print your parts at approximately the same speed. The process of screen printing has been perfected. There are state of the art options for screen printing such as servo drives, touch screen controls and much more. For the sake of brevity, I will assume your company is just beginning to bring screen printing in house.

Your screen printing business needs to take it slow in the beginning. One mistake that screen printing businesses make is that they try to provide many different products at launch. You could be offering screen printed designs of your own design or contract print. Either way, the opacity screen printing gives you, will give a leg up on the competition that are using alternative means of printing. Certain factors can be controlled with screen printing press based on the options you choose. For instance, you can add thickness to the finished print. Your customer will be able to feel the image. Braille companies use screen printing as a means for the blind to read through touch.

If you are going to grow your screen printing business, you must invest in the correct things. You want to get rid of having renewables supplied to you such as screens. Screen making equipment is a small investment for the freedom to be able to have your screens made same day. You will make your money back with the savings, especially if you are a contract printer. If your business if contract screen printing, This should be the first of investments you decide to pursue. Labor will always be the highest expense to running your business.

Automation will lower your production costs if you invest wisely. Your investment cost in machinery will multiply once you decide you are ready for an automatic screen printing machine. Your goal is to have an almost operator-less operation, a turn-key solution. The company your purchase from should be thoroughly researched. If possible, a visit to the factory would be a perfect evaluation. You need the support parts & service department that will speak to your immediately. If you’re production goes down, your screen printing business is losing money. The longer it is down, the longer you will lose money. Same day shipment domestic is crucial. Your screen printing business has to purchase replacement parts and depending on the quality of the machine you purchase, the added shipping cost internationally (if products are not domestically sourced) will add to expenses you could have avoided. It would be ideal for you to source the parts via large industrial parts suppliers. Easily sourced products are crucial to your return on investment.

When looking for an automatic machine for your screen printing business, details are key. The automatic screen printing machine should incorporate all of the machine requirements for imaging your product. High production for your screen printing business means that you may have to invest in UV inks. UV inks more often than solvent based inks, will require pretreatment for adhesion. Your business should be aware of what variance of adhesion qualification will qualify for your production. For instance, if your screen printing business involves offering contract printing for kitchen glassware. The adhesion must be sustainable enough to go through an industrial dishwasher multiple times.

What you need to get started printing:
– Inks (UV or solvent)
– Mixing stick (for inks)
– Small paper cups (pouring ink)
– Paper towels
– Easisolv (screen cleaner)
– Paper (sample print)
– Plastic gloves

Your screen printing business may require UV for higher production. UV offers an instant cure. Advancements in the field have brought UV LED to the industry. UV LED inks are not as perfected over conventional UV inks that require mercury vapor/emit ozone. Conventional inks product NM wavelengths at a wide range, which is what inks over the past 20 years have been perfected for. UV LED inks are still in the process of being perfected for the screen printing industry. LED offers many benefits, one of which being a single unit that turns on and off instantly, without need for ventilation or precautions for Ozone. UV LED will often require Pyrosil as a means of pre-treatment. Even conventional inks may call for Pyrosil. The pretreatment of Pyrosil adds a layer of printable surface over your existing product material.

Your screen printing business needs the buyer and engineers to work together on a process best suited for the application with as much certainty as possible. Purchasing oversees is a gamble on quality. Many screen printing machine business (among other different types of businesses) share the same name so there is no certainty that what you get will be the brand name you are purchasing. There are also different standards for quality of construction and consumables. Buyers have been let go for purchasing units that either do not end up working and have to throw out or have serious safety flaws. In short, if you are purchasing automatic screen printing machines for your business, it is best to pay a little extra and purchase the machine from a company that is established domestically. Even if the headquarters are in another country, the support is what is crucial for your screen printing business.