Screen Printing with Dust & Static

Dust on your product will affect production on practically any object or material, from plastic bottles to mugs. Production screen printing has opened a whole new world in packaging and advertising – dimensional printing is done in great volumes is far from impossible to do – but it has also created challenges for dust and static elimination.

There are several obvious reasons that the presence of static and dust create a financial loss for a company. losses occur during machine downtime, when operators have to manually remove dust from screens or wipe off parts, and when poor print quality results in wasted parts.

The losses are a direct result of the fact that dust and static are locked together. Airborne dust is present in even the cleanest printing plant. Each dust particle carries an electrical charge, either positive or negative. When static is generated on a part surface, that part becomes a dust magnet.

Systematic Automation offer solutions for status and dust:

Dust Solution: Tacky Roll Cleaner

Static Solution: Anti Static Unit