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Important Screen Printing Machine Purchase Factor

June 30, 2017

When looking for a screen printing machine to purchase, there is an overlooked factor and that is serviceability. You don’t want to spend thousands on a printer only to have it down for days, weeks or longer. The topic of service for your machine is also dependent on availability of parts and how quick and…

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Screen Printing on Cylindrical Products

March 10, 2017

What To Expect When Screen Printing Your Cylindrical Products Screen printing your cylindrical products is not as daunting as it seems. Going from 2D to 3D printing is effortless with the Model F1-DC. Whether your product is a shot glass or a growler, the process will be relatively the same. There are two methods for…

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Screen Printing with Dust & Static

August 10, 2016

Dust on your product will affect production on practically any object or material, from plastic bottles to mugs. Production screen printing has opened a whole new world in packaging and advertising – dimensional printing is done in great volumes is far from impossible to do – but it has also created challenges for dust and…

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Screen Printing Ink

March 7, 2016

In printing, the most significant changes have come in the ink department. Ink is constantly changing to fit the needs of changing material. As the material of the substrate changes, so must the ink (typically through additives). For example, fabric manufacturers change dye, finishes, and processing procedures, which can have an adverse effect on the…

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Frisbee screen printing, frisbee, systematic automation

Frisbee Screen Printing Machine

July 9, 2015
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Curved Control Panel Screen Printing Machine

May 20, 2015
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The Future Of Automation In Screen Printing

December 9, 2014

———————————————————————— This article first appeared in Screen Printing magazine By Joseph Gilberti Chief Engineer and CEO Systematic Automation Inc. & Marinus Groen Screen Printing Expert Thirty thousand years ago, one of our prehistoric ancestors chewed on some burnt wood from his fire, placed his hand against the wall of the cave he called home, and…

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HLT screen printing machine

Model HLT Screen Printing Machine

September 25, 2014

Systematic Automation Inc. Farmington CT has developed the Model HLT Screen Printing Machine for printing up to three inches deep into a plastic tray. The printed image can be as close as 1/8″ (3 mm) to the inside wall of the tray. The application shown is for mammogram breast paddles. Printing this close to a…

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New Print Head

September 25, 2014

Systematic Automation Inc. Farmington CT offers an optional attachment for all of their screen printing machines. The new print head allows printing in one direction without flooding. The squeegees alternate with each print cycle. This feature is desirable on special ink applications such as for backlit signs. Dozens of special print head design configurations are…

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Nail File

September 19, 2014
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