Custom Designed UV Screen Printing Machine

UV Screen Printing Machine

UV Curing element

A UV Screen Printing Machine is used to enhance printing processes in a multitude of industries worldwide, with vibrant colors that will outlast other inks and coatings.  UV curing is incorporated into screen printing machines for printing on products in virtually any shape or size.

UV curing can be applied to screen printing of flat items, cylindrical products such as mugs and glassware, and three-dimensional items manufactured for demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace and the medical industry.

Benefits of UV Screen Printing Machines

The photochemical reaction that UV radiation has on inks and coatings delivers a host of benefits to manufacturers, printers and processors in various industries around the globe.  The quick cure of UV radiation technology is the key to delivering several benefits that will save you money and improve your product quality.

Incorporating UV curing into your screen printing process will provide immediate return on investment (ROI) through several key benefits:

  • Improved aesthetic appearance – UV curing provides superior product appearance by instantly sealing the specialty inks, virtually eliminating the problem of evaporation which occurs with other inks and solvent treatments.
  • Improved quality with consistent process – Consistency is key to mass producing high quality items. Due to quick drying with no evaporation, the inks and coatings do not have a chance to evaporate, which occurs with other solvent based printing and curing methods.
  • Eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds – eliminate the need to store and expose your employees to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in solvent based treatment systems. UV treatment is safe and effective, with no risk of exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Increased throughput – Because UV curing occurs in seconds, you can drastically improve your cycle time as there is no need to wait for inks to dry before moving them through to quality inspection and shipping. Time is money, and improving your cycle time with UV curing adds big benefits to your bottom line. 

UV Screen Printing Machine Manufacturer with Proven Solutions          .

Systematic Automation is a knowledgeable and experienced screen printing manufacturer with specific expertise in UV curing solutions.  We have doubled our engineering and manufacturing facilities dedicated to UV solutions, and conduct continual research and development into Ultraviolet radiation technology.  We offer problem solving abilities for your unique application, and ongoing technical service and support.

Our vast resources allow us to provide a quick response time with design, engineering, manufacturing & installation of your UV curing solutions.  We are experienced at helping you to cut costs while improving quality and performance.   When you partner with Systematic Automation, we do a lot more than just sell you a machine, we provide comprehensive UV curing solutions with custom designed machines developed specifically for your process.

Our ongoing support includes technical assistance with processing problems and custom designed engineering features built into your UV screen printing machine to aid your process.

OEM Support with Custom Designed UV Treatment Systems

Systematic Automation provides ongoing OEM support, with UV curing machines designed specifically for your industry.  Our solutions include conventional UV or LED solutions.  Our Ultra Light System is a low cost, energy saving design with several desirable features available in sizes ranging from 3” to 55”.

We offer UV curing systems for use with either flat, cylindrical or three-dimensional shaped products, with specialty conveyors and UVSPs designed with your private label to enhance your own brand awareness.   Your UV treatment machine can be modified for appearance and functionality, with custom conveyors manufactured for a multitude of products.

Our custom designed conveyors offer features such as an adjustable belt speed, conveyor height and shroud height.  Our UVSP (U.S. Patent #6,397,491 B1) accommodates a wide range of cylindrical products in varying shapes and sizes such as a ball point pen, a shot glass, or a baseball bat.  Whatever your curing requirement, we have the perfect, customized UV screen printing machine for you.

Systematic Automation is Your UV Curing Solutions Partner

Systematic Automation is more than a UV curing and screen printing machine manufacturer. When you partner with Systematic Automation, you get a complete solution from an entire organization with more than 30 years of experience in developing superior screen printing solutions.  We have been manufacturing screen printing machines and vacuum tables with patented technology for decades, and our expertise and experience is a huge benefit to you.

We understand how to automate your process, with highly effective printing and curing solutions, incorporating vacuum systems and conveyors when necessary to enhance performance and automation.  Systematic Automation provides ongoing support with every UV curing machine, assisting with your processing and technical problems for a complete and highly effective solution.

Systematic Automation is a company that stands behind our product design and functionality, providing ongoing technical assistance wherever and whenever you need it.   We are a machine manufacturer with proven solutions that have stood the test of time.  We are a company that will be here tomorrow to continue to provide total service and support, helping your company for future growth and expansion.

Systematic Automation is a leading expert in designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing superior automated equipment used by OEMs around the globe.  We offer patented technology for highly effective UV screen printing machines, vacuum systems and flame treatment equipment.  Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable engineer for your UV curing and printing solutions.