Curved Control Panel Screen Printing Machine

The modular design of the Model 810 lends itself to odd shaped parts such as a curved control panel. The part is rotated in unison with the screen for a precise print with a curved squeegee. The control panel can be curved on each end (from side to side and front to back). Not only will you have a uniform print for your products, you will have high production with a throughput of approximately 1,800 parts per hour. Tooling is designed for ease of use on the operator. Tooling is designed for the panels to slide in and out. The control panel for the Model 810 allows you to operate the machine in an automatic cycle with adjustable dwell time. The foot pedal may also be used to actuate cycles to give the operator more control over printing.

The Ultra Light UV Conveyor may be used to cure your products. The system features a tri-power option for 200/300/400 WPI. You can even adjust the height of the lamp housing for larger panel sizes.

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tooling for screen printing curved control panel

Curved product printing – dedicated tooling.