Bottle Screen Printing Machine

The Model F1-DC Is Recommended For Printing Your Bottles

Systematic Automation is a global leader in bottle screen printing machine manufacturing, providing proven solutions for printing on bottles in various shapes and sizes, composed of different types of plastic material. We have more than three decades of experience with designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing thousands of screen printing machines worldwide, for numerous industrial applications. Our Model F1-DC Screen Printer is a perfect solution for a screen printing machine for bottle applications, with several engineering features providing a quick return on your investment.

Engineering Features of F1-DC Screen Printing Machine for Bottle Printing

Systematic Automation brings innovative solutions for bottle screen printing with our Model F1-DC Semi-Automatic Clamshell Screen Printer Machine. The Model F1-DC is a simple yet reliable and cost effective screen printer that will become the workhorse of your operation, with versatility to print on a wide range of flat and cylindrical products. The Model F1-DC handles plastic bottles of all different sizes and shapes with dedicated tooling, universal wareholder tooling, independent flood bar and squeegee speed with height adjustment and quick release assembly. This pneumatic system provides a smooth and quiet process with 100% air operation. Soft sided bottles are automatically inflated with air prior to printing. Multi-color printing is simple by registering your screen printing machine with the mechanical pointer option. Once the bottle is oriented, a rack and pinion drive system rotates the bottle at the same speed as the screen movement during the print stroke. This ensures precision printing with multi-color registration. This bottle screen printing machine can be enhanced with additional tooling for various part diameters of the print area. Polyethylene bottles require a flame pre-treat for optimum adhesion, and polypropylene bottles should be pre-treated if using UV cured inks.

Proven Solutions from Bottle Screen Printing Machine Experts

Systematic Automation manufactures a stand-alone cylindrical flame treatment system and a cylindrical UV curing system to be used with the Model F1-DC Screen printing machine for bottle printing applications. Air dry inks may also be used depending on the type of plastic bottle.

Systematic Automation provides simple and efficient printing solutions with patented and proprietary technology. We are world leaders in providing automated solutions for your printing process. Call the experts at Systematic Automation and learn more about the benefits of our bottle screen printing machine.