Plastic Bottle Screen Printing Machine Solutions

The Model F1-DC Is Recommended For Printing Your Plastic Bottles

When you need a plastic bottle screen printing machine, you need a machine that is versatile to accommodate various sizes, and is easy to operate without sacrificing quality. One of the most versatile flat and cylindrical screen printing machines ever made is the F1-DC Semi-Automatic Screen Printing Machine, designed and manufactured by Systematic Automation.  The F1-DC is a screen printing workhorse, with capabilities up to 3,600 parts per hour depending upon your application, and can easily switch between flat and cylindrical products.

The Most Versatile Cylindrical Screen Printer

The F1-DC Screen Printer by Systematic Automation allows you to quickly change from one product to another in mere seconds by utilizing Quick Changeover dedicated tooling.  The Model F1 features universal ware-holder tooling with an independent flood bar, adjustable height and squeegee speed to make this plastic bottle screen printer one of the most versatile printing machines in the industry.  Simple adjustments made to screen height, image alignment and centerline of the squeegee practically eliminate the need for skilled operators.

The quick-change ability allows you to increase your cycle time and reduce labor costs.  Easy access with a hinged rear screen frame holder make this one of the simplest screen printers to operate.   Our Model F1 screen printer is the perfect solution flat or cylindrical products including plastic bottles, mugs and tumblers.  When versatility matters, this machine will go a long way to provide continuous value.

Standard Features of Superior Bottle Screen Printer

Just our standard features alone make this the best value on the market for plastic bottle screen printing machine solutions.  With heavy duty adjustable X, Y & angular micro table, variable flood bar and squeegee speed, and a foot pedal cycle start, the Model F1-DC standard features facilitate simple operation with high performance.  Adjustable print stroke, print flood length and print / flood cycle allow the machine to ‘wait’ in flood position.   Standard features also include an overhead carriage screen lift switch, and a heavy duty durable steel base with casters for durability and portability.

Advanced Engineering Features in a Simple to Operate Screen Printer

With the most advanced engineering features in bottle screen printers, the Model F1 provides a quiet and smooth process with 100% air pneumatic operation.   Soft plastic bottles are inflated with air automatically prior to printing for a uniform print process with high quality results.   The aluminum tooling plate boasts a ground, flat base within +/-.001” for precision accuracy.

Built for long lasting performance, the hardened ground and polished shafts feature linear ball bearings that are rated for more than 300 million cycles.  This plastic bottle screen printer is truly built for high quality and long-lasting durability.

Multi-Color Bottle Screen Printing Machine

In addition to the most desirable features in semi-automatic cylindrical screen printers, the F1-DC facilitates simple multi-color printing with mechanical pointer registration.  A rack and pinion drive system rotates your plastic bottle or cylindrical item at a uniform speed along with the screen movement during printing operation.    These enhanced features allow for accurate printing with high precision multi-color registration.

Additional Options to Grow with Your Business

Built for long lasting performance and increased versatility, the Model F1 Screen printer is ready to accommodate your growing business.  Additional modular components are available to upgrade the Model F1 for increased production requirements with custom designed solutions.

For even higher volume requirements, the Super ROI Automatic Screen Printer will consistently perform, year after year.  The Super ROI is a precision one to six color cylindrical screen printer, meeting your high-volume requirements with accuracy and providing a quick return on your investment.

Incorporating a vacuum table with one of our versatile screen printers is an option to enhance precision automation.   Our superior vacuum tables provide maximum flatness at +/-.001” per linear foot, and can be custom designed for the perfect printing solution.

For additional pre-treatment processes, we manufacture state of the art flame pretreatment machines for improved adhesion to polyethylene or polypropylene bottles.   Products using a UV curing printing process often require pretreatment.

Screen Printing Machine Experts

Systematic Automation has been manufacturing high performing semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines for more than thirty years.   Systematic Automation designs, engineers, and manufacturers flat and cylindrical screen printing machines, vacuum tables, cnc vacuum tables, flame pretreatment and UV curing machines to meet all of your screen printing requirements, no matter the size, shape, or volume requirements.   For the best value on plastic bottle screen printing machines for sale, contact the industry experts at Systematic Automation.

Systematic Automation sets the industry standard with high performing, long lasting and durable screen printing machinery and equipment.  We manufacture and test all equipment for optimum performance prior to shipping.  Contact us today to learn more about our plastic bottle screen printing machine solutions.