LED System on Your Automatic Screen Printing Machine

UV Cure Your Products Using The Systematic Automation Energy Efficient UltraLED UV System

Systematic Automation Inc. Farmington CT USA Has developed a modular LED attachment, the UltraLED, for curing cylindrical products on fully automatic screen printing machines. The liquid cooled system is available in lengths on one inch increments to suit particular applications. The refrigerated cooling maximizes irradiance and LED life.  The standard irradiance level is  18 w/cm 2 at the source. The standard wavelength is 395 nanometers. Other wavelength options are available. The LED running temperature is continuously monitored. An alarm is provided that alerts the operator if the LED liquid coolant temperature rises due to a chiller failure. The feature protects the LED emitters from possible damage from excessive heat. The device is a standard option for the company’s fully automatic cylindrical product screen printer The Super ROI as shown to the right. The modular design of the LED power supply, chiller and irradiator permit installation on customer’s existing equipment or OEM product line. A separate modular product lifter and spinner is used in conjunction with the LED system for a complete package. Controls from your existing PLC or system can be controlled separately from its stand alone PLC for a complete motion cycle from one input signal.

The company offers LED as an option in place of their own conventional 400 WPI shuttered UV systems.  Instant on and off of the LED eliminates the shutter and shutter cooling apparatus along with ozone duct work and venting. Due to the critical focal point of the LED system, the company offers various adjustable LED irradiator housings. Focal points (optimal distance of LED irradiator to substrate) is accomplished with interchangeable tooling designed to bring each varying diameter of the customer’s product to an optimum distance to the LED irradiator. In some applications the irradiator is mounted to a standard Z axis slide that is operated manually by handwheel. With this method, the operator sets the LED irradiator height manually. A scale is provided to allow the operator to move the irradiator to a predetermined specific height for the product type or diameter.

The company incorporates standard part handling designs from it’s engineering library that spans over thirty years. By matching standard pre engineered mechanical part handling with it’s new line of LED curing systems the company can provide cost effective solutions tailored to it’s customer’s unique product.