Model F1 Configured for Lanyard Printing (assembled)

This configuration of the Model F1-DC Screen Printer has been optimized for printing on assembled lanyards. The ability to print on assembled lanyards makes it possible to fill your orders quickly. The lanyard is placed onto the printer tooling by the operator and printed within a few seconds. Both sides of the lanyard (left and right) can be printed at the same time. Tooling to accommodate any width and thickness of material is available and changeover between lanyard types is quick and easy.

Systematic Automation also manufactures conveyorized IR dryers to dry the lanyards after printing. For high volume lanyard printing, Systematic Automation manufactures a fully automatic printer which can feed lanyard material from up to 6 spools at a time, print it, and dry it with a super efficient hot air dryer. Speeds up to 7,000 feet per hour of printed material are possible.

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