Growler Screen Printing Machine

The Model F1-DC is the industry standard for screen printing on your glass growlers. There are two sets of tooling for you to choose from for printing your growlers. There is our dedicated quick changeover tooling or our universal wareholder. Both sets of tooling have their pros and cons. The operator would simply place the growler in the tooling and press the foot pedal while the machine does the rest. The screen will automatically flood with your ink followed by the squeegee coming down and printing your product.

The ink typically used for printing growlers is solvent based. This type of ink will require an conveyor oven, which we can provide. The conveyor will feature a raised shroud to fit the height of your bottles. simple fixtures can be made to hold your growlers in place as they travel through the conveyor. The printer is amazingly simple and can be used by a beginner to screen printing growlers.

UV inks feature instant cure qualities. Systematic Automation offers the Model UVSP, which requires no tooling and can cure a wide variety of different products. Your UV inks may require Pyrosil or flame pretreatment to improve adhesion, our Model FL supplies adhesion promotion.

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