Systematic Automation has engineered a proven solution for printing and punching holes on your gaskets. The Model SST utilizes a punching system followed by screen printing. If gaskets to be screen printed are stainless steel, the table for product transport through the machine may be with an on/off magnetic table. Using a magnetic table will also hold onto the material being cut. You will easily be able to activate and deactivate the magnetic pull on the gasket with the swipe of your finger on the machine controls.

The gaskets can be made of other materials such as silicone or rubber and may utilize our industry leading vacuum tables. Once the gasket is placed on the loading table for screen printing, the process will actuate. The transportation of stations is programmable. This enables you to have the gasket be printed only or punched only. You may even use this to punch, print, UV cure and print again for a more opaque image on your gasket. The punch system engineered by SA enables you to easily change the punch pattern in a few minutes. Additional modules on the machine be added to suit your screen printing application requirements. SA regularly develops equipment specific for process in order to create a turn key solution for your screen printing process.

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