Foam Cup Screen Printing

Recommended Machines For Printing Your Foam Cups


The Model PT-8 Screen Printer includes an 8-station rotary indexer for high speed printing of plastic, paper, and foam cups. The great advantage of this machine is that you have great accessibility for loading and unloading the cups and that these functions can occur at the same time that the machine is printing. The machine is simple to operate and maintain. No need for an experienced screen printer. Made for the beginner with professional product throughputs. The Model UVSP is available for instance curing of inks.

Our entry level option for screen printing on your foam cups is the Model F1. Not only does the Model F1 print foam cups with simplicity but it is an extremely versatile printer. You can also print flat products with the Model F1, incase you want to expand your catalogue of offerings.

Both the Model PT-8 and Model F1 will be able to print different foam cup sizes with minimal intervention between machine set-up.

Systematic Automation also offers a fully automatic screen printer for cups, Model T8-SS with automatic loading, unloading, and UV curing.

Foam cups to be screen printed