The Model F1-DC has been tooled to screen print large cylindrical products like water jugs and kegs, all the way down to shot glasses and pens. When image placement on your product is important, we’ve got you covered. Systematic Automation manufactures tooling specific to your product so that when you’re screen printing, every image falls in that exact same position on the product for each print. To register prints on a particular area of your product, we may use the products handle, an indent in the bottom of the product, or an extrusion on the product. Dedicated tooling includes a rack and gear system sized to the diameter of your part where the image falls. If your product is a perfect cylinder that diameter will always be the same. If you are working with a tapered product, we will size the gear to accommodate the diameter where the middle of your image will fall on your product. Because the five gallon water jugs are flexible, we use an inflation system to hold the walls firm during a print stroke. Keeping all cylindrical products with soft walls rigid with an inflation system during screen printing is important to maintain good quality images with sharp edges. Inflation systems can be added to any dedicated tooling set up where they are required. Typically they are added to any soft walled product with a bottle neck.

water gallon screen printing