Systematic Automation has the solution for screen printing your drinkware to give your customers a permanent image on their drinkware that will set it apart from the rest.

The Model F1-DC is the perfect screen printing machine for your drinkware. Whether you are new to screen printing entirely or are an experienced screen printing veteran, you will find the machine has precision accuracy, simple controls and will never go obsolete due to it being completely pneumatic (no electrical components to become obsolete). The first Model F1-DC was manufactured in 1985 and is still running in production.

The F1-DC gives you the versatility to print mugs, pint glasses, plastic bottles and much more. Changeover is less than a minute between products and does not require skilled labor. One machine will likely be sufficient for printing your entire catalog.

For flame treating your cylindrical products click here.

For UV curing your cylindrical products click here.

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