Recommended Machines For Printing Your Cups


Systematic Automation Inc is a leading screen printing machine manufacturer with many options for the perfect cup printing machine. It has never been easier to screen print on plastic cups with high speed, automation and UV curing available. We offer a wide selection of screen printing machines and help you choose the perfect cup screen printing machine for your application.

Printing your plastic cups has never been easier!


The Model F1-DC will print your plastic cups quickly, easily and at an affordable price. This is our entry level screen printing machine for production printing. The modular design of the Model F1 allows you to print any cylindrical product you can think of. All that is required is having a sample sent for us.

The Model T8-SS offers high speed rotary indexing for cups and allows the operator to load and unload the machine as it prints in auto-cycle mode. If you are looking to automate the already fast PT-8, the Model ROI is what you are looking for. The T8-SS allows you to put a sleeve of plastic cups in and just turn on the machine and let the machine accumulate a stack of printed cups. The system is using the Ultra light UV System for instant curing of the ink.

The following plastic cup screen printing machines offer many benefits and features:

Model F1-DC Printing Machine

The Model F1-DC is a low cost, precision cup printing machine offering high-speed printing to a wide range of cylindrical products. This reliable printer is user-friendly with a simple control panel and allows for quick and easy changeover.  Operators load and unload cups onto the custom made product tooling.

The F1-DC prints can auto-cycle with precision accuracy and smooth operation with a 100% pneumatic system that will not burn out or overload. This reliable cup screen printer offers many benefits with fast, high quality printing.

T8-SS Automatic Loading and Unloading

The Model T8-SS cup printing machine provides additional automation with automatic loading and unloading of cups which accumulate in a neat, finished stack. Ultraviolet (UV) curing systems are available for quick drying of vibrant inks which improve quality and efficiency. The T8-SS is a fully automated, turret motion screen printer for various cylindrical products. Reach cycle speeds up to 2,000 parts per hour depending on the application.

Set up is quick and easy with predetermined values, mechanical and optical registration. Features include automatic inflation of soft sided products and multicolor printing. 

Model F1-DC Dedicated Cylindrical Screen Printing Machine

The Model F1-DC cup screen printing machine is one of the most versatile screen printers available with a modular design to print on a wide range of cylindrical products.  The simple clamshell printer is easy to operate and produces high speed, precision printing up to 3,600 products per hour depending on the application.

Choosing the Right Plastic Printing Machine

Systematic Automation offers assistance in choosing the right plastic cup printing machine for your application. We help to evaluate considerations such as:

  • the volume of cup printing required
  • the need for versatility to accommodate various products 
  • the level of automation desired to meet your budget goals. 

All three machines offer their own benefits. The decision of which machine is best depends on how much of your business relies on plastic cup printing, if you plan on printing other cylindrical products and how much you want to invest. You can’t go wrong with any machine, they will all get the job done. Large printing factories may use an F1-DC due to its versatility, others may choose the T8-SS because a large percentage of their business comes from screen printing plastic cups and others may choose the Super ROI to save on human labor.

Take a look at our patented Model UVSP for curing your products (no tooling is required). This will be useful for when you are using a semi-automatic machine such as the Model F1-DC or PT-8.

We’ve got the right screen printing machine to meet and exceed your expectations for nearly any product including a wide variety of plastic cups, mugs, drinkware and glassware. Incorporate our patented UV curing system, the Model UVSP, for instant curing of high quality inks. 

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of screen printing machines, vacuum tables, pretreatment and posttreatment equipment. We help to evaluate your process and choose the right screen printer to provide maximum benefit to your application. Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to choose the right cup printing machine.