Corrugated Plastic Sign Screen Printing Machine

The Model F1 Is the Recommended Machine For Printing Your Signs

The Model F1 screen printing machine is capable of printing blank signs ranging from 3″ x 3″ to 24″ x 36″ with print speeds of up to 2,600 parts per hour. The Model F1 is the industry standard for printing signs and includes all necessary options for receiving the best return on your investment. The sign screen printing machine will feature a vacuum table for automatic product hold down. The vacuum table is hooked up with pneumatically and will automatically pull vacuum once the foot pedal is pushed and the screen will come down for the flood/print. Pop up pins can be installed for simple operator take off.

Other options can be implemented for optimal printing. The machine can come with dial indicators for enhanced repeatability between prints. There is a dual head option that can print sizes as wide as 24″. The extended stroke option allows you to print as long as a 36″ stroke. The Ultra Light UV conveyor may be used for instant curing of UV inks. This is ideal for multicolor screen printing.