The Models F1 & 810 are mechanically the same machine with different controls. Nearly all the Systematic Automation’s screen printing machines are available with your choice of 2 different types of controls. The following describes the two different controls and their advantages and disadvantages. Please refer to the chart on the bottom of the page for a complete description of control features.

1. Basic Control Package – The Model F1

The basic control package provides you with a low cost – extremely simple and therefore extremely reliable operating system. With this basic control package, the print speed and flood speed are adjustable by speed controllers which are mounted on the machine cylinder rather than on a control panel. You can maintain a hold flood cycle via a mechanical push/pull actuator located at the front of the machine. But in normal production the screen will flood after each cycle and wait in the flooded position unless you pull the hold flood actuator sometime during the print stroke cycle. Squeegee pressure is a function of setting the adjustable squeegee down stroke adjustment knob.This is a mechanical function not a true full floating pneumatic pressure adjustment. In all applications except for printing slightly curved surfaces variable squeegee pressure is not required.

1. Standard 810 Control (Panel Type) – Model 810

Includes print/flood and flood/print machine function. In flood/print mode the machine will automatically hold back the flood cycle until the print cycle begins. In print/flood mode the machine will flood the screen immediately after the print stroke is complete. Variable squeegee pressure and gauge are provided on the control panel. All machines have mechanical “pressure” adjustments or squeegee down limits. But the 810 squeegee pneumatic pressure adjustment also allows you to permit the squeegee to actually float up and down and follow the contour of a slightly curved part. The 810 standard controls also include an automatic cycle switch with dwell timer cycle start and a push button cycle start.


check check Adjustable print speed
check check Adjustable flood speed
check check Adjustable carriage down speed
Mechanical no gauge check Variable squeegee pressure with pressure gauge
check check Foot pedal start
check Flood hold switch (holds back the flood cycle)
check Control panel
check check Air shut off switch
check Emergency Stop
check Manual / Automatic mode switch
check Automatic print/flood or flood/print
check Dwell timed cycle start
check Control panel mounted push-button cycle start