Precision tooling

Systematic Automation is a leading manufacturer of CNC router vacuum table machines, with more than thirty years of experience developing vacuum chuck systems with superior hold down force and flatness. We design, engineer and manufacture vacuum tables with proven proprietary technology in our modern, state-of-the-art facility. All vacuum tables are manufactured in the U.S., thoroughly inspected and tested for quality performance, and utilized in precision applications around the globe.

We set the industry standard with +/-.001” per linear foot for precision flatness with reliable vacuum force, in a wide variety of sizes. No size is too large or small with custom sizes available from our skilled design and engineering technicians. We provide precision CNC router vacuum systems for use in critical processes requiring computer aided control.

CNC Router Vacuum Table Applications

Systematic Automation offers CNC router vacuum tables for a multitude of applications which require securely holding products or substrates in place during computer numerically controlled processes. Our CNC router vacuum systems are used in precision processes worldwide including:

    • CNC machining – vacuum systems hold products in place during intricate drilling or cutting performed by CNC machines
    • Surface grinding – our vacuum chuck systems provide over 50 lbs. of lateral holding power with maximum hold down force required during precision grinding applications
    • Plotter Cutter Systems – Typically used with fabrics, our CNC router vacuum tables hold material in place during automated cutting processes
    • Ultrasonic Cutting Machines – Our CNC router vacuum chuck systems are used in various ultrasonic cutting applications with two styles of pumps and various engineering features available

Systematic Automation provides vacuum tables with superior flatness and maximum hold down force for these and many other CNC applications.

Systematic Automation Provides Superior CNC Router Vacuum Tables

Systematic Automation offers the most cost-efficient solution for your CNC router vacuum requirements, with additional options available on all vacuum tables including:

    • Custom hole patterns
    • Automatic pin registration
    • Surface options including Formica table top for scratch resistance
    • Surface anodizing provides insulation and corrosion resistance
    • Valve control to activate or deactivate specific zones
    • Sliding vacuum tables

We have vast experience in providing the most cost-efficient solution for your application requirements. With our customized approach, we make sure that you get the vacuum system required for your application, without paying more than you need to. We offer two types of vacuum pumps to accommodate any process requirement.

Systematic Automation is recognized as a leading global supplier of vacuum tables with experienced engineers providing customized solutions. We provide exceptional customer service and ongoing support to ensure success of your installation. Contact us today to learn more about our high-performance CNC router vacuum table.