The Model 810 will print on your straight or curved silicone hoses. Numbers are typically printed on silicone hoses for trucks and automobiles. The 810 is designed for quick changeover from one size tube to another. Even if your silicon hose is at a 90 degree angle, the Model 810 will be able to accommodate that curvature. The printer can also be customized to to have any obstruction to the tube removed while it is rotating during the print cycle. The machine is manufactured in house which enables us to tailor the machine to your specific product. Different material for the silicon hose is fine, the Model 810 can accommodate any screen. Options such as the flood/pint – print/flood switch can be added to give you a larger option for inks. Typically solvent based inks are used when printing silicone hoses.

The Model 810 can do much more than print silicon hoses. You can also print flat products and any other shape of cylindrical products. Whether you are printing a license plate or an oil filter, the Model 810 is the printer for you.

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Automotive silicone hose screen printer

Automotive silicone hose