Automatic Styrofoam Cup Printing Machine

Recommended Printer For Your Styrofoam Cups

Styrofoam cups are a great option for maintaining the right temperature of your favorite beverage. Styrofoam helps to keep cold drinks ice cold longer than other types of cups, while keeping hot coffee piping hot. The right Styrofoam cup printing machine turns economical foam cups into a powerful marketing product which increases your brand recognition.

Screen printing on Styrofoam cups is an easy way to impress your customers at your next holiday party or all year round. Serving customers and visitors a cup of cold water or a cup of hot coffee in a branded foam cup with your company name and logo keeps your name front and center throughout the entire visit. Add a lid to your foam cup and your customers will take their drink with them on the road to further enhance your brand awareness.

The longer your name and logo is in front of their face, the more likely they are to remember your name and call upon you when they need your services. The beautiful thing about foam cups is that they are so economical they are disposable. With an economical Styrofoam cup screen printer, you realize the benefits of increasing brand awareness with a profitable cup screen printing process.

Model T8-SS Styrofoam Cup Printing Machine

The Model T8-SS is an automatic turret motion screen printer which offers many benefits for printing on various cylindrical items including plastic and Styrofoam cups. This fully automatic screen printer provides many cost effective and labor saving features such as automatic loading, unloading, pretreatment and UV curing solutions.

Screen Print on Foam Cups in One or Multiple Colors

Customizing Styrofoam cups is easy as you are starting with a plain white cup, making it easy to print your company name or logo with simple one color printing. The T8-SS offers one color printing or multicolor printing with mechanical and optical registration.

Special Tooling and Part Inflation for Sensitive, Soft Sided Material

While the right cup printing machine can make this process easier, there are still some challenges, especially with printing on soft materials like foam. The Model T8-SS features specialized mandrel tooling which enables screen printing on sensitive foam material without causing damage to the product. This automatic screen printer even provides product inflation for soft sided cups which can be problematic for many other types of printers.

Quick Changeover with Continual Printing

Quick changeover is easy with the ability to switch between different pieces of tooling in less than one minute. The Model T8-SS is fully automatic and designed to run continually with tight tolerances for high-quality. Reliable components ensure continuous production to maintain your turnkey printing system with a Styrofoam cup printing machine that will not break down.

Fully Automated, High-Volume Styrofoam Cup Printing Machine

Full automation, high-quality and consistent production provide a quick return on investment (ROI) for this patented, compact printing profit center. The Model T8-SS features a patented, servo driven eight station rotary indexer for high volume, continual printing. Achieve up to 2,000 parts per hour depending on application, with this rugged and compact automated screen printing machine.

Integrate robotic loaders for labor saving, turnkey operations with the ability to increase to any number of stations. Printed Styrofoam cups are stacked neatly for packaging, offering a total turnkey solution. Start with pretreatment and loading all the way through printing and stacking for cost-efficient foam cup printing with high quality results.

Engineering Features of the Model T8–SS

The patented T8-SS styrofoam cup printing machine features a modular, unique design which is reliable, simple and easy to maintain and service. Constructed with hardened, ground and polished shafts and high-quality ball bearings rated for more than 300 million cycles, this automated cylindrical screen printer is built to last. Overload protection provide safety to operators with easy, hinged access to the electrical enclosure.

You can find the Model T8-SS from Systematic Automation, the leading manufacturer of high quality screen printing machines. All screen printing machines and automated equipment are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States.

Systematic Automation offers more than 35 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality screen printing machines, vacuum tables and automated equipment. Our skilled engineers possess in-depth knowledge of the screen printing process and offer custom designed printing solutions for nearly any product of any shape or size. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our screen printers designed for use in many applications including Styrofoam cup printing machines.