Print Surface: Cylindrical or Flat

Printer Applications:

  • Automotive: License Frames, Oil Filters, Windshields, And much more!
  • Chocolate & Confectioneries
  • Cosmetics: Makeup Cases, Shampoo Bottles, Lipstick Containers, And much more!
  • Drinkware: Tumblers, Coffee Mugs, Glassware, Bottles, And much more!
  • Industrial: Metal Housing, Saw Blades, Control Panels, And much more!
  • Medical: Syringe Barrels, Test Tubes, Microscope Slides, And much more!
  • Promotional Items: Bottles, Lanyards, Napkins, And much more!
  • Sporting Goods: Baseball Bats, Frisbees, Golf Club Shafts, And much more!